Board Members

Scott Cessac

Scott is a dedicated triathlete with multiple finisher’s medals hanging on his wall, ranging from Sprint distances all the way to an Ironman. He was a former collegiate swimmer at TCU and is known for his speed in the water. When he isn’t training, he and his husband enjoy working on their 1936 home in Oak Cliff, live music, movies, spending time with their two awesome dogs and going on as many adventures around the world as they can.

Roger Enlow

I started in triathlon in 2001 as a way to get in shape. Got addicted and have since completed numerous triathlons of all distances, including three Ironman distances. I became involved in Dallas Tri Club to encourage others as well as to help establish a club that supports all levels of triathletes. I’ve been a proud ambassador for the greatness of Nuun for the last two seasons. When I am not training I enjoy cooking, wine, and travel; especially Colorado in the summer.

Doug Fusella

I started in Triathlon over 25 years ago on a bike with a kickstand and no idea the headphones were illegal during the run, swearing I’d never wear a speedo or shave my legs. Over the years, I’ve done seven Ironmans, 15 halfs and countless others of all kinds of distances and challenges. The comradery and community of triathlon drew me in immediately and has kept me loving the sport to this day. Over the years I’ve been helped by countless people and now try to return the favor whenever possible. When I’m not training or racing, I prefer to be traveling and experiencing new cultures, listen to live music or just hanging with friends around Dallas.

Kate Hamel

Kate Hamel began training and competing in triathlons as a new challenge after her fourth half marathon and has since developed a love for the sport and the triathlon community. Kate has competed in Sprint and Olympic distance races and enjoys volunteering for the Dallas Tri Club in her free time. When she is not doing anything triathlon related, she works in digital media advertising and spends time with her friends, family and dog.

Eric Hightower

Eric Hightower got into endurance sports after a bet with a co-worker led to running a half marathon. A couple running injuries later, he found his passion in the world of triathlon and is now going into his 5th year. Eric enjoys mixing it up, having raced everything from Sprint to Ironman, while also including other events like trail runs, MTB/Road bike races, or hiking adventures into his schedule. Seemingly always in a good mood, he can often be found behind the scenes helping out the club or his fellow athletes with his jack-of-all-trade skills.

Erin Jett

Erin found her way to triathlon as a runner. She was convinced to buy a bike for cross training days and then got bullied by her friends into learning how to swim (at 43!) to do a sprint triathlon. She has been hooked on all the things since then, but her favorite distance is the sprint because she still has time to enjoy the day. When she isn’t doing “all the things,” she can be found volunteering at races, cheering on her kids or defending her title as “Sherpa of the Year” for her best friend.

Rusty O’Kane

Rusty got into triathlons while living in Hawaii and clerking for a judge after law school. His first triathlon was a sprint distance where he had to walk his borrowed road bike up a hill en route to limping across the finish line in an hour and a half. A few years later he moved to Dallas, joined a tri club, made some great friends, and in 2018 traveled to Australia as part of Team USA to compete in the ITU World Championships. In between, he’s finished countless sprint, olympic, and 70.3 events. When he’s not litigating business disputes in the courtroom, he enjoys riding his bike on the trainer with his wife, Samantha, and playing with their dog Swoop (named after the mascot for the greatest team in sports, the Philadelphia Eagles).